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I'm a Healthcare professional

Data collection / scientific evidence

We can help you in the following situations:
-To develop an electronic CRF (eCRF, eClinical, etrial) + info
-I have an Excel file or another database, and I'd like to have it online, even allow other colleagues to collect data into my system. + info
-I need help to define a research project + info
-We're working on a project, but we are in the Stone Age + info


If you are a physician, pharmacist, etc, and you think it's time to have your own website with your own domain, we will be delighted to help you out. + info

Move to the cloud

Move to the "cloud" that everyone talks about. You can collaborate online with other professionals working from different locations simultaneously different kinds of documents (protocols, spreadsheets, guidelines, forms, etc.), and save all your old documents. It is the most modern and efficient way to have your backups. + info

My own clinical health record

Do you ant to have your patient records available at any location? With online health records, you can perform it with all security measures guaranteed. + info

Online reputation

If you want to know what people are talking about you, if you have a good online reputation or not, or "you're not online," we can help you out. We will let you know your personal brand status. +info

Scientific support

We can provide scientific support, either to create a research protocol, or how to manage a study, statistical analysis, etc.. +info

Google positioning

We help you to be on google when people search for what you do. We need you tell us your interests (pathology, techniques, etc.) and we'll help you to be in the first google search results page. +info

Low cost online form

Turn your MS-Excel or your google spreadsheets directly into an online form where users can submit data directly. +info

I need for my company...

Scientific evidence

If you need to demonstrate scientific evidence of your product (drug, medical device, etc) we can help you out. +info

Target interaction & collaboration

Do you want to interact with your target? Is it becoming harder? We have some ideas to solve this problem, and it turns to a win-win situation for you and your target. +info

Promotion / Prescription

We have many ideas for promotion and prescription of your products. We have more than 700 projects behind us. Why do not we talk? + info

Branding / social media

We can track your brand, your focus pathology, etc, and follow twitter and facebook. In addition, we can help you to be an active member on these social networks. +info


The best place to hide a body is the second page of google. Are you on the first page when you try to search your pathology? If you want to improve it, we know how to do. +info

Market Access

If you are interested in Market Access, we have ideas that we can share with you, we have some examples about interesting projects in this field. +info


We can manage your elearning projects, from the content creation, course management and accreditation (official credits), and promotion. Tell us what you want to do, and we'lI suggest the best way. +info


If you need to develop an eDetailing project for your target, we can bring you our knowledge and experience. We'll explain what works best. +info


We develop iOS Apps (Apple, iPhone, iPad) and Android Apps (Google, Samsung, etc.). Just explain us your needs and you can sit down an be ready to see it in the App Store or Google Play. +info

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