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Cloud computing is the natural trend to collaborative work. All my digital life, my documents, my other files, my emails and my calendar, all accessible from any computer or device with the highest standards of security and confidentiality. All centralized and shared with our colleagues.

Our experience

Since 2009 onmedic is an Authorized Reseller of Google. This bring us a unique position to offer the largest technology platform with the customization level that our customers want.

Advisory boards and hospital services are some of the main beneficiaries of this new technology that offers as main attractions:

- Custom domain
- 30 Gb of mail and documents (expandable), free of viruses and spam and redirection possibility as many accounts as provided.
- File documents (shared or not).
- Calendar (shared or not).
- Chat.
- Videoconference.
- Online presentations.

Some examples...

Among many other examples, some hospital services have been made with onmedic cloud computing:


About the product

Our solution for cloud computing implementation is our onmedic cloud computing.
If you want more information, here's our contact.





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