DocCheck, Your Social Medwork

onmedic is the business responsible for DocCheck in Spain .

As one of more than 950,000 registered DocCheck members, you are part of the largest community of healthcare professionals in Europe. Here you can further your learning online, network with your peers and exchange or actively contribute your own knowledge. The free DocCheck password in addition gives you quick access to websites of pharmaceutical companies and medical publishers, which are intended only for professionals.

But that's not all: In addition to the password service, we offer information and services centred on medicine, for example, the edition of DocCheck News, the medical image database DocCheck Pictures, the extensive medicine wiki DocCheck Flexikon, an online store with nearly 40,000 medical products and much more.

At DocCheck Jobs, doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals can find a wide range of vacancies. DocCheck Load brings so much media to you on the one plate and is a great start point for finding and purchasing what you need: whether it be journals, e-learning courses, apps or medical classics such as the "Herold of Internal Medicine" - the eStore allows quick and easy downloading of current medical knowledge.

If you need more information, please visit DocCheck.


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