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With this service, you can convert your MS-Excel and google spreadsheets into google forms to collect data online.

Imagine the situation: you have an Excel file, and you would like to have an online form to collect data, based on the same variables you have. Instead of building it manually, we offer you this service: we build the form and we give it to you.

If you want page breaks, just add a new column with the name "break". If you wanna see a sample, take a look at this:


Our experience

In onmedic been offering online solutions for more than a decade. You can trust us.


About the product:

You just need to follow these steps:

1) Convert your MS-Excel to google spreadsheets

2) Share your google spreadsheet with us
share with info@onmedic.com.
Do not include real data, only field names
Spreadsheet sample

3) Pay for the service

4) We will convert your google spreadsheet into a google forms in less than 24h (>80% in less than 1h)

5) Unshare the shared document, make a copy of the google form, and you can start using it!  ;)

any doubt?  this is our contact



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