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Shares of market access are key to ensure proper collection of information and evidence that meets the specific needs of the various stakeholders, both at the level of ministries and Health Services as of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment (AETS) and Hospital.

The market access is based on providing adequate information to the customer precise and consistent timing in a changing health system. It is no longer simply to demonstrate efficacy and safety (it is supposed, because we are talking about drugs authorized), but therapeutic value that represents the manager for its population. Development is a crucial evidence pack, economic and health outcomes adequately respond to specific needs.

It is essential that the Market Access provides to the different involved with as much information on the value of medication, a factor that undoubtedly determine the therapeutic positioning itself and its conditions of use and access, both at regional level by the criteria developed in the Departments of the Autonomous Communities in the guidelines as implemented by hospitals.

Our experience

In onmedic departments provide to MA / RIMA collaborative environments required to work efficiently this collection of evidence.

We can help you better present this information, the cost-effectiveness, the social, the opportunity cost. Or, do you plan to do all your work with a suitcase under his arm to visit all the decision makers? The correct use of materials such as pharmacoeconomic studies, evidence dossier of value, outcomes research or research results is key to achieving the objectives.


About the product

onmedic Market Access is a platform with functionality adapted to the function of this key role in the pharmaceutical companies. Do you want to know more?.

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