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Medical consultations between specialists, Primary Care and specialist doctor, or between experts and non-experts in a given pathology are known in medical jargon as inter-consultations. When inter-consultations are made through a platform specially designed for this purpose is becomes a powerful and innovative tool that is a win-win for all roles involved.

Our experience

onmedic has develope a lot of inter-consultations platforms that connect different groups for a given pathology. This way, they achieve a better safety and efficiency in the use and rationalization of certain drugs or additional examinations. A higher control of hospital resources is also important.

Some examples...

Consultas médicas

Plataforma de Consultas Médicas o
interconsultas del Servicio de
Nefrología del Hospital 12 de Octubre de Madrid



About the product

Our solution for medical inter-consultations platforms is onmedic Query.
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