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We can collect all kinds of data from different locations through online surveys. The paper data collection has been replaced with remote input through online systems, useful when we try to collect data from different locations.

What do we offer?

Since 2001 , we have conduct all types of data collection, single-center or multicenter . We have completed projects in over 25 countries. Our expertise is based on combining the knowledge of our team, both scientific and  technological , to provide turnkey technology solutions.

We handle everything :

- Survey design, statistical analysis, reporting and publications.
- Database design , validation and management of querie .
- Web platform for partnerships and collaborative environments , researchers.
- Integrated online Statistics.
- eReport , online tracking customized reports.
- Manage domains and servers.
- Multilanguage support.
- Email service.
- Database export service .
- Export data to excel, pdf , ...


About the product

Our solution is called onmedic questionnaire.
If you want more information, here's our contact.




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